Join the all-wise MEAD club


Subscribe to our mead club* for bottles every three months** with varying tiers!

  • All-Wise Mead Club - $100 every quarter for fours bottles ($400 annually for 16 bottles)

  • All-Wise Mead Club+ - $140 every quarter for 6 bottles ($560 annually for 24 bottles)

  • All-Wise Mead Club++ - $280 every quarter for 12 bottles ($1,120 annually for 48 bottles)

    • Quarterly shipments will ship every March, June, September, and December unless otherwise stated via club emails.

    • All memberships subject to sales tax.

Other Perks include:

  • Free shipping on your subscription, as well as 10% off on all online orders including merchandise

  • Get access to any special All-Wise hosted events***

  • On top of all that, you will be invited to limited tastings that include experimental, unreleased batches

  • Access to an exclusive blog, where you get to interact with Dylan Sprouse and brewers at All-Wise (blog yet to be deployed)

*Processing fee of $10 to join. Please refer to Terms and Conditions below for more details.

**Bottles may vary depending on vintage and varietal. Some quarterly shipments may contain autographed bottles by Dylan Sprouse and co-founders.

***Events may vary. Invites only include non-space-limited events.

 Terms and Conditions for The All-Wise Club