Three bottles of mead next to their respective flavors (standard show-mead, rosebud petal, oolong tea)


Sprouse discovered his passion for making mead as a young adult in California. Once Sprouse moved to New York for college, he continued experimenting and swapping recipes across the country with his friends. Through his exploration and experimentation, the young brewer found that he preferred naturally-made meads that were rare in the mass market. Most of the meads encountered in stores, restaurants and bars were sweet, potent, and heavily manipulated during the brewing process.
Eager to share his unique style of mead with others, Sprouse decided to work on his own label, All-Wise. That’s when long time college friend Matt Kwan came in. They sought out the best New York apiaries and perfected their flagship recipe. While the concept was conceived in 2017, the label launched in summer of 2018, challenging wide-spread assumptions about the ancient beverage and offering a fresh and simple mead to the masses. 




Dylan Sprouse drinking mead

Dylan sprouse — ceo & head mazer

It was upon graduation in 2015 that Sprouse realized his true passion for brewing, having spent the better part of his college career experimenting with different mead formulations and perfecting his recipes in the confines of the dorm rooms. Sprouse developed his distinct recipes through trial and error. Sprouse’s understanding of the business of brewing and distilling came as a result of a job working at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, which would eventually inspire the creation of All-Wise Meadery.

Matt Kwan smiling

Matt Kwan — CFO & Mazer

Born in the Bronx, Kwan was actually raised in Montgomery, Alabama returning to New York to study economics and business (though he remains an avid Crimson Tide fan). It was in the freshmen dorms that he met Sprouse, immediately connecting over their mutual interest in trying new types of brews. In addition to his interest in finance and investments, Kwan is a watch enthusiast, an avid eSports fan and has placed in a handful of Texas Hold’em tournaments.

Dog wearing a scarf

Pinky & Magnus — co-chief Treat officers

Our best employees. Magnus can’t be pictured, due to fear of fame. Find them on Instagram @pinkthejindo and @magnusthedwarf.

Find these two running around the meadery occasionally keeping everything in check.


What is mead?

Mead (also known as honey-wine) is the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man. It is made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast. Honey acts as the active sugar ingredient during the fermentation process; just like wine is made from grapes, our product comes from the bees’ sweet nectar which can yield sweet or dry products.

If you want to know more, catch our video series below!